10cellphones And The Fellas At The Range

Train like you fight:


Would train like that in video #1 with the fellas?  The weekend is coming up.

In his defense, in the second video he’s doing some pretty controlled PULL UP AND SHOOT type stuff out of a car, then some more shooting from under a range canopy.  I’m not mad at the second video.  I’m not mad at the first one either, but the forward roll / muzzle sweeping EVERYONE was a bit much.  Don’t do that crap around me, and we’re cool.  I’m just happy to see people out exercising their right.  Plenty of people start off doing nonsense that’s unsafe (video games and movies are the cause of that maybe? I don’t know), but do that once or twice at a public range and someone will tear them a new one so bad they will likely reflect on it and never do it again.  I’ve seen it happen, and I’ve seen the reformed (safe) shooters return to shoot another day. 

I re-posted the first video on Instagram last week, and let me tell you the comments don’t disappoint. Well the racist ones disappoint me, but this is the internet so predictably it happens.