Sonny Puzikas Opens Up About Blooming Death

LOL I thought him and Panteo swept this under the rug, but I guess not:

Pure gold.  Pure absolute gold.  I wonder if Panteo is gonna tell Shoothouse P to “DELTE THIS.”.  I can’t imagine they sanctioned the re-release of the footage, but who knows.

As we always say in the industry “train like you fight”.   haha oh man pulling the video was such a weak move on Panteo’s behalf.  I’ll never forgive them for that one.  They were handed an instant classic with that footage, and they were like “NAH, PASS.” because they apparently can’t handle a little controversy.  Oh well, at least it lives on.

9:00 – P throws up the deuces as the guitar riff screams.  HECK YA BROTHER.

Thoughts?  Do you believe Shoothouse P’s story about the guy successfully employing the method in the hills of Afghanistan?