Dude Says He Could Have Been A School Shooter

Aaron Stark is his name.  Here is his TED talk:

His appearance on MSNBC:

Here is the open letter he wrote to his local NBC channel after the Parkland, FL school shooting.

0:30 – Says he wasn’t a school shooter because he didn’t have access to guns in the MSNBC appearance and the letter… yet during his TED talk he specifically said he was going to trade 1oz of drugs to that kid at school for a gun (that part starts at 4:15 in the TED video).  “I wish I had a better story about getting a gun, but that was actually really rather business like.” he even said.

3:24 – He reiterates that he didn’t carry out his plan because he couldn’t find a gun.  He attributed it to the assault weapons ban and that he was “an insane teenager who was chaotic”… then he loses track of what he was saying.  So what is it… you tried to get a gun and you couldn’t because the deal fell through?  Or you actually couldn’t find anywhere to get one period? Pick a story brAh.

Hmmmm I don’t know guys… I agree with the “support other people in need” aspect of this, but a lot of the rest of it seems like it’s for attention and to push an anti-gun agenda.