Train Like You Fight With VODA

He may or may not be mall security:

Pure gold as always.  Naturally he’s always doing that slide-to-the-eye CAR position.  I bet most people who don’t practice much with this, end up trying it out in an actual high stress situation and the first recoil of the slide wacks them in the eye area.

This guy wants to be a in a gunfight so bad.  For his sake, if it ever happens I hope it’s clear cut indisputable self defense because to use a term I use a lot on Instagram “The prosecution will love it”… in this case meaning they would absolutely have a field day with all his blog posts, videos, instagram posts, and “advice”.

If I lived anywhere near the Fayetteville NC area (where if I remember correctly, he lives), I would visit every damn strip mall and shopping mall in the entire city to seek him out and troll him IRL.

Thoughts?  Oh and I’d be slipping if I didn’t suggest the best way to shrink his profile would be to eat a damn salad every once and a while.