VICE Takes A Look Inside VET TV

I know a lot of you guys hate VICE, but this is pretty good.  I like how real the main VET TV guy (Donny) keeps it:

3:18 – “There are 20,000 users right now that pay $5 per month for access to the content.”  I keep telling people this… it doesn’t matter that YouTube bans certain content… if you have great content you can charge for it, and people will pay.  If you have poor to mediocre content, or even relatively decent content that’s packed full of “SpOnSOrEd” items or messages then people are going to maybe watch it for free but they aren’t going to pay for it.  Rest assured, I’m not going to be putting out quality content anytime soon and charging you piehitters for it.

5:48 – I thought only SEALS wrote books? haha all jokes aside the book sounds awesome.  I don’t know if I’d get a lot of the jokes since I’m not the audience, but I might have to pick up a copy.

21:27 – Holy OK this VICE girl is making this about herself now.  Annoying.  Oh man his response to her is epic “The reality is that we don’t care about the female perspective on this piece” 😂

5 minutes later, the VICE girl is still trying to get one of the VET TV girls to talk shit about Donny and what him and VET TV are doing.  After that she continues to try to put Donny on the spot and trip him up getting him to say something he’ll regret.  The play doesn’t work, and he eloquently answers her.

You can read more on the VET TV website if you’re interested in what they’re offering.

Oh and if you click though to the YouTube comments on the video… “Comments are disabled for this video.”  classic.  I’d put money on that being VICE’s doing, and not at the request of VET TV.

Thoughts?  Are any of you guys subscribed?