Larry Vuitton Has His Own Custom Wilson Combat Glocks

My man Larry really out here getting that money:

HOLY, I almost fell off my chair when I saw the price.  Starting at $3850 for the .45, and $3690 for the 9mm.  I was familiar with Wilson Combat 1911 prices, but for some reason I figured the Glocks would be at least comparable to the SaLiEnT ArMs guccified Glock offerings.  Larry is getting $1000+ more money for his.

UPDATE – Never mind, their Glock page is here actually. Base price $1350 for the G17 and G19, which is quite a bit more reasonable than that initial ~$4000 I thought the site was saying the starting price is.

The peer pressure to buy a fancy Glock when you’re on instagram is almost unbearable. haha