Off-Duty FBI Agent Tryna Bust Dance Moves Negligent Discharged

OH damn!  haha I wonder what song was on 🤔; that’s what I want to be investigated:

Whomst FBI MANS IS THIS? 😂😭  I don’t know anyone who works for the FBI, but in my mind they are all low-key suave dudes like Mulder off X-Files.  I guess they can be “hey everyone look at me” types as well though.  At least the person who got shot, only was shot in the leg… hopefully no long term damage but you never know.

I’m assuming the music in there was loud, which prevented a lot of the people from even realizing what happened… but there was basically only one guy (shorts / black & white hat) who chose to get the hell out of there.

Naturally the YouTube comments gold.  I especially like this one – “He had his gun cocked and ready to fire in his pants?!??!” -Gjergj Camaj

I commented “hE sHuL hAv Had A SeRpA HosLsteR” on the post… waiting to see how that goes over.


Gat tip: Chris