VODA Has Moves On The Dance Floor

Fellas.  I know you think VODA is just a highly disciplined shooting machine.  He’s got a soft side though:

When VODA isn’t BUSSIN HEADS he’s kicking his shoes off and heating up the dance floor.  Better believe he stays strapped;  Might have to deploy ECK at any moment.

I watched this at like 6PM on Friday, and I felt like it was a good segue to the weekend.  I was all pumped because the new Kanye album came out today, but then I listened to it and it’s trash.  Also, what’s with rappers putting out short albums now?  This better not be a trend.  The Kanye one is only 23 minutes long, and Pusha T’s new album is only 21 minutes long.  Granted they are on the same label.  Probably have it all figured out honestly… release shorter albums more often to keep your name out there.  Anyways I know like 3% or less of you guys care about rap so I’ll stop my rant now.

One last VODA note… the shirt only buttoned at the top is blatant cultural appropriation, but I’ll let it slide this time.