VODA Trademarks Another Word And Talks More Slick Talk

This guy.  Such a dumpster fire of information:

The “Headbussa drill ™️”.  Oh shit, can I even write that without owing him royalties? haha lets goooooooooo

He’s at some battleworn looking range in Atlanta which they apparently “sectioned off” for him (Hmmmm I don’t know….).  Robert Kelly slow jams in the background as usual.  Aspect ratio messed up as usual.

Ok apparently head shots are the new center of mass for self defense?  So this headbussa drill is ALL ROUNDS GO IN THE HEAD.

2:29 – “So I missed 5 shots”.  Uh yea, exactly because you were shooting at the smallest part of the target you idiot.  At least he acknowledges it’s not a good thing in real life.

Thoughts?  All in all the video is just exactly what you’d expect.