VODA Talks More About EDA / ECK Over Some Smooth R. Kelly

Come for the R. Kelly… stay for the *snicker* knowledge:

0:14 – No… no one was wondering what was going on with your nose VODA.  Quit calling playing with your auntie’s Chihuahua “working with a K-9″… that’s just embarrassing dude come on.

0:28 – The stress of the internet is steady WORKING my man’s hairline.

1:38 – LOL he’s going to hurt himself so bad with those big-ass stick knives.  LOL at him having “fluidity of motion”… I’m deceased.

VODA really needs a Netflix special.  He’s pretty much my favorite comedian out right now.

Oh and to finish off this post… remember last week how VODA was saying his EDA / ECK “system” was jacked by Navy SEAL Dom Raso.  Well if that wasn’t the funniest shit you’ve ever heard on it’s own… Dom actually made an instagram response post which is pretty epic.  The comments are priceless too.