WhUT iN TaRNaTiON Black Bunker Holster ID System Can’t Be Real

Sweet mother of god this industry is more cringy than I thought.  They call this “Tribe-ID”:

Yea what you’re looking at is a clip on velcro patch display for the Fobus GL-2ND holster; one basic bitch holster which no one I know on the internet or in real life even owns.

The velcro are is a 54mm circle.  That’s 2″… who makes 2″ round patches?  I’m sure they exist but I guess that’s another niche they are trying to create and fill?

Oh and one of the best parts is that their website black-bunker.com consists of a single image (which looks like it would be a website), and it’s a 33.8MB jpg.  I shit you not.  I almost fell of my damn chair 😂.

Reading the website, I’m not 100% sure this isn’t a semi good troll.  The only thing more cringy than this product and the website, is as usual all the major firearms blogs are doing their whole “press release” thing and not even poking fun at this (I’m assuming getting paid for it too?  I delete / mark as spam 100% of those type of “blog about our shit product and we’ll give you a free one or some money” emails as you probably expected).  I don’t know how much this thing is, and nor do I care.  If you really need to put a Punisher head or MoLoN LaBe patch on your holster, you could just order a square or circle of sticky back velcro for a few dollars which would satisfy your needs and effectively communicate your dominance to the other pie hitters looking at Mountain Dew in the soft drink aisle at the grocery store.  As the saying by all the basics on instagram goes “Your vibe attracts your tribe”.

Thoughts?  Designed and made in Israel according to the website.  For as long as I can remember, that place seems to be the mecca of bad ideas when it comes to gun related things and TrAiNiNg.