VODA Talking His Shit And Is Mad About Marketing And Other’s Success

I’m always happy to see this guy is still at it, talking his shit in these incoherent videos:

His “3 c’s of the gun game are”: Collusion, Conspiring, Cabal.  Yea ok cool starry bra, I think you need to re-examine how you connected those words to your cute little stories.  Basically what you’re mad at is called “Marketing”… ever heard of it?  The 60 minutes style ticking clock was cute too.

3:34 – Talking shit about Colion Noir.  “You’ll never see my video cut like a Colion Noir video.  Video got so many cuts in it, might as well come with a pack of bandaids” haha I bet he was pretty happy with that burn.  Oh man he’s so salty Colion is making bank with the NRA, and that people actually listen to what he has to say and watch his videos.  LOL remember when VODA absolutely lost it at the NRA and even made a video outside the HQ threatening them?  I’m surprised more didn’t come from that.

Wow, what an intellectual 😂.