Larry Vuitton Flexes His Top Five WWII Small Arms

Good list, good video:

Top 5 every collector should own, says Larry.  Oh man those are all nice looking 😲.  No modern day knockoffs for LAV.

YouTube really must be burying these gun related videos now.  This video only has ~60k views… weird for someone with 523,000 subscribers and a huge social media presence.  Does he not promote his own videos on Facebook and Instagram?

Aw man I almost choked on my iced tea sip when I saw the “featured” video on his YouTube page is the “why I’m fat” one.  He’s not even really that fat.. more like a tactical dad bod.  That said, I’ve been watching a lot of “my 600lb life“, so as long as someone is under like 450lbs, they look like a wisp compared to some of the people in those episodes.