VODA Says There’s Nothing Wrong With SERPA Holsters And Yet No One Listens

It blows my mind this guy is still talking at the camera:

I take a VODA vacation every now and then, because watching his videos actually feels like “work” to me.  I read the titles of some of the videos though, and I’m instantly hooked because I know it’s going to be a flaming dumpster fire.

Oh we’re off to a good start… 0:07 – “There’s nothing wrong with a sephora style holster”… wait what?  Did he say sephora?  Now I’m no pronunciation god or anything, but I’ve always pronounced it “SERP-AH”.  *shrug* I assume I’m right, because after all this is a VODA video… but I’ve been wrong before.  Anyone?

He then goes on to say how the other holsters on the market were not “quick” enough for him… too many things in the way safety-wise.  Naturally 😏.

1:13 – Is mans slimming down?  Good for him, for real.

1:20 – CRUCIAL that you use the word “purchase” to describe your solid grip on the firearm.  VODA delivered ☑️ .

1:49 – Oh you don’t understand why a person’s thumb could possibly slide over towards the trigger?  YOU JUST DON’T GET IT HUH?  This is coming from a guy who developed his own “system” (he calls ECK) where he shoots and stabs, and then put a round in to the range ceiling.. and then got banned.  I’m just saying, things happen quickly.  Life comes at you fast VODA, you know this man.

1:59 – “It is a perfect system”… you heard it here first folks, spread the work.

2:12 – He doesn’t like the “girth” of the holster, but it’s a duty holster so he’ll let it pass.  So far sephora, Purchase, and girth are my favorite words in this video.

3:35 – “This lean back shit? *demonstrates what lean back shit is* don’t do that.  Move forward *demonstrates moving forward with the gun up in his face* towards the person.  You don’t go backwards”

3:52 – Oh lawwwwwwd yes!  I knew that knife on his left side was going to be for him to pump his ECK “system.  Tanto blade too, so you know he means business.

4:08 – LOL my sides… what is you doing baby?  “I’m a fighter I can do this.  Most people can’t do that.”

I love how VODA even called the company BLACKHAWK! in his title… you gotta have the all caps and the exclamation mark, those are the rules.  VODA is a rules guy.

I want to see VODA do 100 or more of his fastest draws / one shot, with the gun loaded of course.  I bet he doesn’t even get to 10 before an ND.

Thoughts?  You running out to buy a SERPA this weekend off the strength of VODA’s advice?