I’m Happy To See Downrange Filming Made it Into 2018


0:30 – Incredible… there it is.  Getting footage ahead of the line of fire is literally the most alpha thing ever.  This guy definitely got a hug after, and maybe even a “awe, you’re sweet” from the girls.

1:31 – What’s this supposed to prove, other than having a full size AR-15 awkwardly stored at that position inside a vehicle isn’t feasible to deploy at a “threat”?

It’s so “modern training” that everyone would need to be all up in her vicinity filming and pretending to be there for safety.

3:42 – This is how you get chicks.  You let them do it, and you patronize them with “Oh nice job sweetie, you’re doing really well!”… then you say “mind if I give it a shot?”.  Then you proceed to mop the damn floor with them.

4:10 – Her and Trish are first timers in the vehicle gun fighting game.

6:20 – She needs one of those deRptastic glass breaker attachments.  They all do actually.

8:49 – Yesssss Toni has a Spartan head / punisher logo on her shirt.  Holy that Alpha sheepdog in the background has a full back logo of the same thing.  Glorious.

White knights be like “U shUldnt DiSckuRage FemALes FrOm ShOoTinG.  U R juSt JealOus.”.

Gat tip: MK