The Trigger Goes Click And You’re One Nut Short 😬


From the video description if you click through:

The issue was that the retaining safety pin walked out about 1/8” during shooting. We want to a dry fire portion of the class and the pin had walked out just enough that when it had rubbed against the tight tolerance of his kydex holster, it depresses the trigger.

🤔😬 damn.  NOT ideal. Whether the trigger is the issue or not, piehitters LOVE filling their guns up with tons of the latest aftermarket internal stuff. I’m sure the stock trigger is just fine for 99.9% of the world but NOOOOOOO, you had to stunt on all your friends and even buy the whole $260 kit because money grows on trees apparently. That’s piehitter economics for you though.

Hunter on facebook posted an interesting screen cap which happens at around the 14 second mark:

Trigger problem? Or piece of shit holster problem? You be the judge.

Thoughts?  You running a Titanium firing pin too brAh?  What about a carbon fiber Punisher slide plate?  A unobtanium forged in Mordor barrel? Skeletonized rounds?

Gat tip: Chris