I Love The Way The Choppa Sound

Snap Dogg back with some ⛽️🅰️🆖:

I too love the way the choppa sound… so we have that in common.  These videos are getting quite low effort now.  The formula is basically:

  1. Get guy with good camera and editing skills to show up
  2. Act like idiots with some of your friends and swing guns around over music

This particular video was only 1.5 minutes long haha.  Charged me up though 🔋 I TELL YOU WHUT.

Thoughts?  Is it just me, or was there no actual “Choppas” (AK-47s) in the video?    Like it matters though… Glock, Draco, Choppa, .40 … I know by know these terms (and more) are all completely interchangeable.