More “Training” That You’ll Never Be High Speed Enough For

This hits just keep on coming:

WHUT IN ACTUAL TARNATION?! These guys: "ACKsHuLLy, ThE pRiNcIpLEs r SoLiD" 🤡🤡🤡% Gat tip: @tytattoos

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Can you believe that?  Actually like I mentioned in the past, I’m not really as shocked as I used to be when I saw something like this.  Everyone trying to get their 15 minutes of infamy on the internet.  I’m sure it starts out as all these guys gassing each other up like “YA BROTHER, can you imagine how cool this is going to look?  People are going to respect us so much for pushing the envelope like this.”… when little did they suspect like 99% of the viewers are like “*smh* idiots”.

Thoughts?  You tryna train like you fight and have someone shoot rounds into the dirt beside you?  You frantically lookin for a place to cop those teal tactical pants and a safari shirt?