A Lot Of Pieces Have To Fall Into Place With These Gun Disarms

Oh you know, ye old “I’m going to tell you what to do and how to react, then I’m going to disarm you”:

Very close quarters, a shitty slow draw, a wall etc… etc…

Pure entertainment from the Funker tactical marketing machine.  I was just waiting for him to say some outrageous click bait shit like “I’m going to do something counterintuitive… I’m going to something counterintuitive… I’m going to lick the back of his elbow”.

As always, I’m not saying “THIS WON’T WORK”.  I’m just saying, there’s always million variables.  Like maybe while you’re grabbing this idiots gun with both hands and trying to wrestle it away from him, he casually pulls a knife out of his pants and stabs you until you let go?  Oh but this is Funker we’re talking about so I’m sure there’s some sort of sweep maneuver to use the attackers own energy against him and cause him to stab himself.

On a related note, since the instructor references the fact he (the victim of the attack) is carrying a gun.. why isn’t that used instead of / before getting into this CQB melee, not after?  Like I said… a lot going on.  I still also always think, is my watch, my wallet, cash, credit cards, shoes etc… worth putting my life on the line for?  As a matter of principle I really would like to see every criminal who goes around committing armed robberies shot in the face in self defense by whoever they are attacking, but in reality I’m sure at least most of the potential victims (myself included) would just rather not have that conversation with law enforcement if for no other reason than it potentially making me late for dinner, or a coffee or beer I had already planned on drinking at a specific time.  Oh you want to pull a gun on me and demand my _______?  Sure, go for it; you can have it you piece of actual garbage.  Stuff like that catches up to people eventually, one way or another.  If it was something valuable, I’m sure I can easily come up with the $ for the deductible for the insurance I likely have on it, and then move on with my life and evaluate what I did wrong (if anything) to end up in such situation.