The Clint Smith Fobus Paddle Holster Review

hehe this is pretty good:

haha is that guy not wearing a belt either? *smh* Looks like some sort of shiny tracksuit with an elastic waistband.  Also, is he somehow wearing his earpro underneath his hat?  Is this some low profile peltor goodness I don’t know about, or just some flexfit derp maneuver.

It shocks me that a guy with noise canceling earpro, highspeed oakleys, and a shiny track suit managed to make an error like this.  Must be due to the lack of beard.

Sorry about the lack of posts recently.  I had a hard disk die on my main machine, and it took a while to get everything fixed and back to normal.

Thoughts?  I bet someone could make an epic “Clint Smith sound board” and have buttons on it for days.

Gat tip: Thanks everyone who sent it in