Inside America’s Largest Right Wing Militia

I always have an open mind with these, but I have a feeling this is going to be a wild ride.. I’m going to be doing my usual “live blogging” on the timestamps below:

0:13 – Criticizing the kid for running 1 mile in 7:55.  “That’s slow”.  Says the guy who looks like he would actually die before completing a mile at any greater than a semi-brisk walk.  I’ll give him a pass though on this one and chalk it up as fatherly encouragement.

0:50 – LOL the political talk starts and the kid says “here we go again”.  Pure gold.

0:56 – “BLOODAGENT III%” tattooed on his forearm.  Now this documentary has my attention.

Oh man I wouldn’t be able to type fast enough to document all that’s going on here during the III% intro.

The guy says “These are patriots that are not going to have their rights infringed upon”


This is always why I’m confused with the “III% movement”.  Their rights are all ready being infringed upon, and have been infringed upon for decades.  They seem to choose to ignore that though, and I just don’t get it.  If anyone can explain that to me, I would really be grateful.  I’m not trying to be cute, I truly just don’t get it because it seems to me like they are bluffing AND are continuously being caught in that bluff because of the contradiction between what they talk about and what they do / how they live.

2:26 – “Chris Hill / General Holy War / Blood Agent” 🤔 “General, Georgia III% Security Force

2:33 – “I am definitely pro constitutional carry”.  I’m willing to bet he paid $75 to the Georgia government for a firearms license.  Anyone else?

4:02 – Once a month, Chris and his group get together for field training exercises (FTXs)

4:07 – You got to be kidding… a thing blue line flag?  That’s rich in the context of this video.

5:10 – “LT. Boogieman”.  Cute.

5:45 – If you’re talking about Obama, you HAVE TO (now this is crucial) say his middle name HUSSEIN.  It must be in their handbook.

6:13 – Thin blue line sticker on the truck

6:19 – “CPL. Harley Quinn”.  Another cute nickname.  Now I’m wondering if they broke the cardinal rule of nicknames and gave them to themselves… or did another group member give them the nickname?

6:28 – She got a concealed weapons permit.  Again, I thought the 2nd amendment was the only permit the III% needed?  🤔

7:05 – Please tell me that forearm tattoo is of a pie, with 3 slices missing.  Also, I know this guy is just dicking around.. but the rear sight is flipped down.

9:25 – What’s the point of having that scope on such a high riser?

11:12 – There’s the talk again about not yielding or backing down.  That’s his threat / promise.

11:48 – “It’s going to be some High Speed Low Drag training”

Their LARPing looks fun.  These videos hurt their cause more than help it though if you ask me.  Going off what I see in the videos, in order to be any sort of credible force though I think they need A LOT more work.

21:20 – Interesting that there is infighting within the 3% movement… where groups splinter and branch off to form their own.  This is exactly what I mean about not being a credible force, if they can’t even get along with each other.

21:51 – Ooooof that’s not good PR when one of your members gets a pic taken of him beating a black counter protester and it goes viral.

23:43 – Oh man I wonder if he requested a do-over at the end?  He dropped that sick catch phrase then dropped the hammer on an empty chamber.  That’s gotta sting.


Gat tip: Thanks everyone who sent it in