The The Slow Mo Guys Disrespect The Blade And Split Pellets

I studied the blade for decades, and they have the AUDACITY to dull its edge with pellets.  Very disrespectful:

This video was incredibly anticlimactic… but I suppose that’s what you get when you use a pellet gun.

I always think the “Gav” on his lab coat says “Gay”.. then I go “he he he he” to myself.

I wonder how much SOG paid them for using their knife and for plugging it at the start?

Thoughts (if you have any)? I wonder what the new “high speed camera” will be… by that I mean the new trend. I really thought quadcopter footage would have caught on more than it has seemed to. I’m also wondering if you could mount a high speed camera on a quadcopter and program a flight path in it somehow then get a sick moving slow motion shot.