The Most High Speed Butthole Clentching Training I’ve Seen In A While

Kalashnikov Concern does not give a single shit about any “Safety Sallys”:

Holy, this hold video my butthole clench and my face do this 😬.  Yea I get it, these guys are “operators”… I still don’t see the point though.  This basically just amounts to being a “flex for the ‘gram”… as in showing off for Instagram etc.

0:40 – This one was definitely in the top 3 for cringiest.  Oh wow.  So you’re really going to put a guy (who you can’t really see) behind the the target… and shoot at weird angles.  Hmmmm. 🤔

0:47 – AHHHHHHH two shots to the vest on his chest.

It’s hard to tell on camera, but some of those rounds don’t sound too loud so I’m hoping they are maybe all simunition.

1:38 – Uhhhhh maybe none of them are simuntion rounds because at this timestamp they are actually shooting at eachother from behind a barricade and it’s ripping away chunks of the wall.  I love how there’s an audience there too haha.

2:07 – haha they pop a little quadcopter up to see the guy behind the wall so they can proceed to hose him.

There is some more stunting in this video by them from August as well:

Thoughts?  Would operate with?  There’s always a trickle down effect with these videos, which I’m looking forward too.  I bet in the next few months we’ll really start to see the usual derpy guys on instagram really step their game up and throw caution to the wind for likes.