The Netflix Punisher Trailer Sheepdogs And Piehitters Have Been Waiting On

I think Jon Bernthal will be a good Frank Castle because he’s very likable in an unlikeable type way.  I find that will all his characters… I’m like “Argh I hate that guy”, but then you appreciate that he plays the character so well and is so nasty that it actually got that visceral reaction from you.  Maybe that’s just me though.

I hope Netflix doesn’t F this up.  I saw a really bad teacup at 0:48 when the screen was flashing and cringed pretty hard:

1:45 – Oooooo dat rifle flip like the boy doin it for the ‘gram.  Woooooooo eeeeeee. haha

Deciding whether to get the classic Punisher logo tattoo, or this new Netflix version with more distressing and a meaner look is going to be quite the dilemma for a lot of people.

Thoughts?  Since it will be on Netflix I’ll definitely watch it.  What about you guys?  I don’t see an actual release date listed, only 2017.