Helping Veterans By Preforming Dangerous Gun Stunts By Getting Shot

Moo-Lon Labe… infidel body armor… ugh my head already hurts LOL:

0:35 – LOL what the… this guy has EMTs on site and notified the Sheriff and none of them said “Dude… no… just no…”

I’m SOOOOOOO over these stunts.  They are stupid and dangerous.  Anyone who says they need to be done because “if we can’t trust vests to stop this, then we can’t trust them in combat” is a dumb, plain and simple.  You don’t drive your car into a wall at 100mph just to prove that the air bags will save your life.  They have actual dummies full of sensors, and can prove it scientifically… safely.  Ugh man.

9mm… then .45 ACP… Did he switch the plate out?  He doesn’t appear to be too concerned about not shooting in the same spot.  This is also dumb for obvious reasons.

3:23 – This comedian. *eye roll*  Again, we don’t know if he switched the plate out.  His wife seems very comfortable shooting at him.  RED FLAG ALERT. haha

Thoughts?  Do you still think these vids are cute, or are you over them as much as I am?

Gat tip: Marcus