DIY Homemade MAC 10 Breakdown

This guy is a character… and he built his own MAC 10:

1:22 – ahhaha he used the spring from a mattress
1:36 – Barrel from a Hilti nail gun
3:22 – He melted Budweiser cans and whittled the metal to make the trigger assembly
4:21 – Whoa some anger managment issues but it’s alright.

Royal Nonesuch may have sold out to the man and retired, but at least now we have this guy. Royal Nonsuch was such a polite boy. Ugh I can’t believe Serbu bought him out and then deleted all his good videos. That’s some straight bullshit. Look at his channel now… a measly six videos now, and they are ALL Serbu related. Classic. I really hope Royal Nonesuch is rich enough to retire off that deal, but the realist in me knows he probably got a date with Valerie and a Snickers bar.

If you check out his channel ( he has a lot of interesting looking builds. I’ll definitely keep an eye on this guy.

Thoughts? Would you rather shoot a Royal Nonesuch build or an Allan Hart (this guy) build? I haven’t seen Allan shoot any of his guns so I’m gonna have to go with RN on this one.

Gat tip: Bradley