Pull Up With The 3 Round Magazine And Let The Lead Fly

Talk shit, get hit… from this 3 round magazine 😂:

What you’re looking is a special functional mini magazine for the AR-15 which you can store inside a grip.  MagnetoSpeed makes both the grip and the magazine.  There are a lot of easy “definitely legal in California” (for now) jokes that could be made haha.

MagnetoSpeed is selling the mags for $8.75 and the grip for $25.50 in their store website.

Thoughts?  You going to purchase several for various potential SHTF scenarios your brain cooked up?  I know some of you are probably thinking “Hey I could easily keister that, for a surprise EXTRA three rounds which I could need in the most WROL of all WROL TEOTWAWKI scenarios”.  Nah bro… nah… keep that shit to yourself, please. 😂