Range Nazi MP40 Operator Is Good For A Few Hehe Chuckles


I don’t know anything about AREX brand handguns… are they any good?  Visually, they always came across like they are trying to be Sigs.  That said, I realize theres a limit to what you can do design-wise when you don’t want to scare people and come out with something too far out of the box or comfort zone of the standard pistol.  I find it incredibly wild pretty much in every industry, that companies which are basically the same seem to thrive… when (as I see it) basically only their marketing is what sets them apart. 🤔  Just thinking out loud.

I like these funny Polenar videos the best, and I really wish they would stick to them.  That said, I like the disruptive nature of YouTube / Instagram celebs venturing into “instructing”.  It allows more opportunities where we can laugh at herbs in the comments asking “WHAT ARE YOUR QUALIFICATIONS?”, and then witness them get an aneurysm when they find out the “instructor’s” skills were gained from watching YouTube and Instagram videos + range practice.  The old guys seem to be the most pissed off at this.

Thoughts?  Do you miss the days where in order to become a respected instructor you needed to be a military veteran and train for years with already established instructors?