Death Wish Trailer Actually Looks Pretty Good

This is a remake of a 1974 movie:

Chicago violence *shrug* amirite fellas?  The movie actually looks pretty good.  I’ll see it eventually unless it gets an abysmal rating on IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes. I never used to really put much weight on those ratings, but now I find they are quite accurate. If the audience score on RT is trash, and the IMDB rating is below 6 the movie is usually extremely bad.

1:44 – WHUT IN TARNATION?  Look at all that skeletonization *smh*.  What piehitter weapons advice guy worked on this set?  I can’t believe he forgot to add the crucial “Molon Labe” and punisher head logo.  It’s almost like he’s not even in tune with what’s popular on Instagram right now.

Nothing beats a good vigilante movie.  Thoughts?

In theaters Nov 22, 2017.