Putting The Paintbrush To the FAL To Make A Nightmare

Wirty Dhore is “unique”, I’ll say that.  What a dumpster fire:

Man I love how that guy just does shit to do it.  He doesn’t want fame, your approval, or give a shit about subscribers or anything else.  He has a camera, a YouTube account, and an imagination, a sense of humor, and that’s that.  That paint job is so mesmerizing.  I respect the fact he showed the wheelbarrow love too.

He’s definitely one of my favorite contemporary artists.  If I had connections in the art world, I guarantee I’d have rich bastards and their wives standing around at the MOMA viewing a supercut of Wirty Dhore videos projected onto white trash bags pondering what the meaning behind it was, and contemplating the juxtaposition between creating art and having the power to destroy with a gun.  Shit, I got goosebumps when I wrote that, it was good.  I get so gassed up sometimes you’ll have to forgive me fellas.