GripKnife Is Competition In The Derp Stabby Things On Guns Market

Oh man… this industry 😂:

What you fellas are looking at is called Grip Knife.  As expected, there’s no real info on their website… nor is there any real info on their facebook either.  This is pretty standard as we know by now.  One of the comments by the company on their facebook page says the price will be in the “$300 – $400 range”. AHHAHAHAH 😂.

Here’s the product description:

The Modern-day Bayonet: Designed to be easily mounted on any weapon’s tactical rail system as a foregrip that can instantly transform into a knife for use in survival situations, and other emergency scenarios. Ideal for military-style carbines in close-quarter situations such as: urban engagements, inside vehicles, home defense, or in any other place where space is confined or in case of a gun malfunction. The speed at which one can now deploy an edged weapon has never been any easier or faster, making Gripknife the foregrip of choice.

“It is better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.”

One of the most bizzare things about this product / design is the way you deploy it.  You hit the push button to the right of the G logo and it drops down.  Looks IDEAL for potentially cutting your thumb wide open as shown in their own demo video:

I bet the Bayonext guys are PIIIIIIIISSED.  I bet they wanted to be the only “modern day” weapon mounted pokey thing.  Good news is if you’re a tru pie hitter you can always run a combination of several of both.