VODA Out In Front Of NRA HQ Looking An Awful Lot Like A Threat

Seriously? On and he’s holding a knife in his left hand (0:26).  It’s like this guy is trying his hardest to get himself or a student shot:

Oh well I’d rather see him continue to do dumbass shit with his cameraman, than trick people into “training” with him.

Give me one good reason that justifies why he would have his gun out of its holster, and be clenching a knife out in public… in front of the NRA headquarters none the less.

0:26 – “One day, they (the NRA) will respect us.  By their own will, or by our actions.  Lets make it happen captain.”

Oh and if you weren’t convinced he’s got a massive problem with the NRA bordering on threatening here you go:

Oh and here he burns his NRA card over some classic Tupac… skull mask, vest, punisher logo patch and all.  Tbh the hot sauce was a thoughtful touch:


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Cool story bro, I’m sure this all will end really well for you.  Keep trying to make yourself relevant.

Thoughts?  It’s basically a full-time job keeping up with this guy’s stupidity.