Bayonext Is A Modern Out The Front Bayonet


$369 over at the Bayonext website.  Who’s getting one?  Better yet, who’s getting four (one for each side of the rail)?  Can I mount this on my Glock rail?

If it’s not clear from the above pics, the spike initially is hidden until you slide a little sleeve back and CHNNNNNNNNNGGGGGG the spike extends out.  You can check out this video of it in action.  The prosecution will love it! 😂 I had to shoehorn that in one way or another.

They have a really long story on their website about why this is useful in “modern combat” and for sportsman and outdoor enthusiasts.  We all know piehitters are going to be buying this thing for home defense.

I’m still not 100% sure if this is serious, but the website has a bit of effort put into it, and their facebook page is poppin so it must be.


Gat tip: @captainchris561