I’m Not Even Sure What To Call VODA’s Current State

The man already went off the rails numerous times… then he continues to release bullshit like this:

Ugh seriously?  Not even 5 seconds into the video he’s already saying how he tucks his unholstered loaded gun between the seat and his crotch when he’s driving.

1:13 – Place your gun on the dash?  Yea I’m sure a cop would LOOOOOVE that nice and accessible your right hand on the steering wheel and all.  Wouldn’t it just be better to actually not have your gun sitting on the damn seat between your legs in the first place, then just put both your hands on the steering wheel and don’t make any movements which would make the officer nervous?  Yea what do I know.

Oh wow… less than 2 minutes in and he’s already dropping mad knowledge about the boys in blue. Cool stories bro.

3:52 – Oh a police officer is going to stick his whole torso inside your car to grab the gun you placed on the dash?  Ah… ok… tell me another one…

11:16 – Wait a minute… he’s talking about cops hating inclement weather and then uses the phrase “nothing pisses us off more when we gotta…”.  So he’s law enforcement now?  He then further elaborates that he “took the oath to uphold the law”, and she wasn’t “ready for us”.

I know this is the “Land of the Free” and all… but it’s dangerous he’s actually fooling people into thinking he’s some sort of authority on all these topics.  *shrug*

Thoughts?  Fascinating that him and his “students” are so comfortable pointing guns at each other.

Side note: I like how it seemed like someone with a plane knew VODA was up to some bullshit and kept flying it back and forth over head.