What In Tarnation Zack Stock Stahpppp

Ugh my head hurts just looking and these dumb products sometimes:

That one they call their “Detachable Stock Handgun”

And this one is the “pro” edition where you use your own gun and put it into their holster which resides between the grip and the buttstock:

Ugh guys there is so much wrong with this, I hope they are trolling. You can head over to the Zack Stock website and poke around if you wish.  You’re not going to find much in the way of info on there though.  It’s a good joke if someone did up that website and those concept drawings… but if someone is putting actual money into bringing this to market… well that’s an even better joke actually.  You know what though?  I’m sure they will sell a ton of them.

If you’ve been following ENDO for a while you might remember the similar Handgun Inside Of A Rifle Stock Asshattery I posted about back in 2015.  It’s funny now how even the stupidest shit ever has “neva bin done befo”.