Pull Up Wit Ah Stick


0:32 – “Draco with a drum” at this point I think they’re definitely trolling. I joked about it initially, but “Draco” actually did become the new blanket term for ANY and EVERY gun.

The autotune in this video makes that kid sound especially “special”.

1:58 – LOLOL dialed all the way up to 900 meters, both eyes closed.

2:57 – I really want to get a Mercedes Sprinter van for traveling.  Me and my girlfriend were talking about that recently.  It would be sick to customize the inside of it to make it like a mini condo.

The rap world is getting a lot better with trigger discipline, I’ll give them that.  This song is catchy, but I really could do better.  The classic line in response to that is “YA BUT UR NOT”.  My response in return is “Don’t tempt me”.  I would have to put on an ENDO casting call for the video though, and you guys could all stand behind me and try not to look embarrassed for me.  I don’t know that many people in real life.


Gat tip: fireztheshi7