Unbelievable VODA Related Things Going On These Days

Like I mentioned a couple days ago, this guy has gone fully off the rails.  Here’s a funny video of him demonstrating his “system” which he calls “ECK – Extreme Direct Action”.  Naturally it’s astonishingly retarded even for him.  Oh and to make it even more fail, he decided it was worthy of having Arnold Schwarzenegger inspirational audio overlaid:

Ugh guys.  I really hate when the stupidity gets to the point where I really feel like I’m making fun of someone’s disability.  That’s really not something I ever want to do.  On the other hand he’s begging for the attention, so I might as well see where this burning bag of trash on a dump truck with the brakes cut takes us.

Ok here are the notable VODA points since the last time I posted about him shooting the ceiling of a shooting range:

  • He got banned from that shooting range.  Of course, it’s because of racism. ROFL if you need some laughs today watch his rant video about that here.
  • In the above rant video he says he’s building a shooting range for African Americans.  This should be amazing to watch.
  • He dances on the grave of Bob Owens.  Someone who the 2A community lost to suicide recently.  Bob Owens called Voda The World’s worse firearms instructor, and VODA took it very personally.

Thoughts?  Have you been popping popcorn non stop lately like I have been?  I hope you only do air popped.  I hear that microwavable stuff will give you AIDS cancer.

Gat tip: Thanks to everyone who sent it in.