Sonny Puzikas Talks About Training Pedigree And Relevance

Shoothouse P talks.  My new favorite thing is seeing him try to be chill in street clothes in random-ass locations.  This one is at a marina somewhere, probably after he finished a strawberry daiquiri and let a few more shirt buttons loose haha:

1:06 – Interesting, P doesn’t think it matters that Mike Lamb is a liar and a fraud as long as you liked what he was teaching.  I say this is interesting because I see people on the internet question P’s own credentials.  Saying maybe he’s not actually a TIER -34 Spetsnaz Lord.  I can’t keep track of all these guys and what their actual credentials are. I don’t know how to verify things like that, but last I heard was that P was a prison guard or something.  If you know, and have actual proof post it in the comments so we can all bask in the irony of this video properly.