Miami Joker Creep Accused Of Waving Gun At Cars

Remember this terrifying individual? haha:

If he looks familiar on ENDO, it’s because I posted a terrifying video of a while back waving a shotgun and threatening people on camera.

You can read the full story over at CBS.  Surprisingly (to me anyways), his family and mom is going full “my baby didn do nuffin, my baby is an angel who has a passion for helping the homeless and his mother”.

Interesting that at 1:50 in the video it says he only got his face tattooed a couple months ago.  I respect (but don’t) that he went all in on that endeavor haha.


Gat tip: Travis, Richard, Joseph, @mattmac_, @vincentparadise187, @SPQRzilla and anyone else I forgot thank you.