Springfield Armory Is On Major Damage Control

They made a sappy video:

*shrug* I never saw a reason to buy Springfield’s “Glock”, and I still don’t.  Sure they make some other nice stuff, but I’m not buying long guns right now.  I really wish that CEO Dennis would have cried during the video… he was close, but I wanted a tear.

YankeeMarshal has a watchable video every now and then.  This is one of them. Here’s him talking about the debacle:

Thoughts?  You buying it?  You applaud Rob Letham for standing up for them, or do you think he’s sus now too?

There are some funny / good comments on Springfield Armory’s video, if you have time to click through and check them out.

It still pisses me off that Springfield Armory just “bought the name” in 1974 yet keep the bold “Since 1794” on the logo suggesting it’s the original.