Chinese Cheater Bag For Shooting Off Barricades

This is a thing someone made to fix a problem people have.

Armageddon Gear sells these things for $54 is you really need one.

The product description:

The Chinese Cheater Bag is a lightweight and adjustable shooting bag that will lock your rifle in position on a barricade faster than Rosie O’Donnell can make an ethnic slur against Asian people on live TV.

1:10 – It straps to the scope?  Hmmmm. Ok that doesn’t seem like a great idea, but really what do I know about anything?

Call me slow, but I’m not really getting the “Chinese” angle.  If it was named that in order to do the above funny video with the Chinese guy then “ok cool”.

Oh and should I know who those three people are? People got so offended when I reposted a meme with “Mike Pannone” in it, and admitted I had no idea who he was. Draaaaaaaaaaaaaama. Imagine being so famous in whatever niche you’re in… that people get offended on your behalf when someone tells some other random people on the internet, that they haven’t heard of you.