Young YouTube Gun Prince Hands Over Channel To Old Fat White Gun Guy


1:03 – Says that he has given ownership of the channel (with 318,000 subscribers) to Mark Serbu.  Ugh.  Well I hope Royal at least got a pile of money out of this, but I doubt it.  I don’t dislike Mark Serbu, but I also don’t find him particularly likable either.  I’d rather shit just stayed the same, and Royal Nonesuch kept being Royal Nonesuch.  Actually a Peter Pan type scenario would be best LOL… never grow up Royal.

3:00 – Oh, yup this snuck up on me but naturally here it is… standard complaints of demonetization.  I’m really tired of hearing about that from gun YouTubers.  I miss the days when people did stuff for the sport of it, rather than just for money.  I like Royal Nonesuch a lot, but if it’s past being “fun” for him then why bother doing it at all?  I highly doubt when he started his channel back on Mar 6, 2014 he ever in a million years dreamed that 318,000 people would subscribe to his channel, yet he still made funny/interesting videos for fun and his subscriber count grew and grew.

I don’t know guys… I’m not optimistic regarding this change.  You?