The Best Firearms Training Is Always The Flashiest

These guys win, I’m not even viewing anymore “training” vids in 2017 after this one.  This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen:

LOL seriously.  Like the competitive breakdancing movie “Step It Up (2006)“, but for the tactical community? Whoever does it with the most style and finesse wins? Do the “terrorists” vote? Or is this like one of those where once I call in, I get a small charge directly on my phone bill?

This “training” outfit is called Pretorian Worldwide.  I found their Instagram page too, and it looks like they have done some protection work for some high profile celebrities.  Cool stuff that’s pretty awesome, I like a lot of celebrities. This all doesn’t mean the video still is above cringing / poking fun at.  As you know this is what I do in between filming my soon to be released multipart show contract with “my 600lb life” and dealing with the energy drink and snack cake sponsorship deal obligations I have.

I could call out obvious time stamps in the video, but the entire thing is “content”. Ok Ok since you’re obviously upset I’m not putting that work in I’ll pick MY FAVORITE timestamp… it has to be 1:24 when he is coming around a corner and hits us with the switch from right hand grip to left hand grip. I saw that and I was like DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN lol.

Thoughts?  Would operate with, or get operated around in a CQ protection non permissive environment?

Gat tip: Basil, Doc, Sam, Steven, Tim, Jason, @paladin17198 and the others who I couldn’t find in the DMs again.