Putting A Metal Bump On An AR-15 Lower For A Tighter Fit

*eye roll*:

hahah not only is this “patent pending” but it’s also a “technology” he says.  I love when people get so high on their own supply and make a product video.  It makes for good entertainment.  It wouldn’t be half as funny if he just called a spade a spade, wrapping things up in a handful of seconds.  Also does this “technology” really require its own acronym?  The “SHUT Feature” meaning “Solid Hinge Upper Tensioning”.  More like “Simpleass Hump Upper Tensioning” amirite fellas? :P At least it seems to work as described in the video. Does wobble really matter for accuracy though?

They say it’s available for purchase, yet if you head over to their website the store is password protected currently.