Strike Industries G4 SlideComp Looks Like An Ice Cream Scoop


All the operational pie hitters are putting comps on their guns now.  It’s the newest in gucci accessories, and a lot of companies are jumping on the bandwagon.  A lot of people take their comps VERY seriously too, which was shown by how much their butts were hurt on instagram by this meme I posted last week.  I don’t even know how we all managed to stay alive without having the mass proliferations of comps until now.  If it’s going to save your life, make your life / shooting better, or you’ll feel like more of a pipe dog, then by all means you should head immediately over to Strike Industries and throw $80 at them.

Thoughts?  What type of ice cream flavor would you christen this thing with?  I’m going to have to go with something brownie & cookie dough chunks mixed with a cheesecake icecream.  That was always my go-to combo at Coldstone.