DIY Flamethrower – Finding New Ways To Cheat Death

Royal Nonesuch aka “The kid” aka my former future step son, is now into homemade flame throwers.  Here’s his intro video where he was hashing out the details:

And him flaming stuff once the build was completed:

Hmmm yea it’s badass alright.  Safe though?  My gut instinct tells me no, but I’m more cautious than most now that I’m older.

0:21 – burning fuel all over the torch canister.  Oh man haha.  I can’t help but wonder if that could be prevented or minimized if he put a small barrier of some sort just behind the nozzle.  Kind of like the drip rings on Kayak paddles. *shrug* who knows.

Thoughts?  Would drink Flaming Moe’s with?   Stay safe Richie… stay safe…