Gabby Giffords Still Bothering Us With Gun Control Nonsense

She’s here on earth still bothering us gun control nonsense even though she has the space plug (her husband is Astronaut Mark Kelly):

Here’s a link to the actual tweet in case you want to engage her.  There are a few more tweets after it which you can scope out on her timeline, also dealing with the hearing protection act.

I’m really surprised Mark doesn’t step in and be like “LOG THE FUCK OFF GABBY”.  The man is an astronaut.  I remember looking into being an astronaut like once a long time ago you have to be VERY smart.  You know what though, Mark might have tried.  If NASA won’t let him put Gabby into a low earth orbit, maybe Elon Musk will help a brotha out with a coupon once SpaceX is up and running.  I’ve got five on it.