TIER -23 SHTF Gear Advice Live From The Garage

Oh man.. where to start:

Cool place to carry a bayonet bro.  1:36 – Ah yea a pistol magazine up by your neck.  Sure why not.  I also recommend top of head carry.  If you need a guy who makes a harness with chin strop, email me.

2:50 – 5 x 30 = ?… 6 x 30 = ?…. hmmm… we can do the math?  DAMN I wasn’t ready for this… what kind of NASA level math is this.  Oh wait *smh*.

What a dumpster fire of derp.  Thoughts?  I suspect this video will disappear fast… before it does, if you click through to the comments there are a couple funny ones.  This one made me LOL:

“MOOOOM I’m making tier one videos, You can put the car in the garage later” -Mr Polite

Gat tip: David