Flexing On The Gram With Stolen Guns

Rapper Maine Musik:

According to law enforcement, all of the guns that were being flaunted by several individuals in his video for “Aint No Comin Down” match the makes and models of some of the 50 guns that were reported stolen in the July 2015 robbery of Meaux Guns & Ammo.  In fact, a Glock pistol with a hundred-round drum Maine Musik flashed in the video for “Aint No Comin Down” is so clear, that specialists could read the serial number on the stolen weapon.

Ughhhhh hahah man… where to begin.  You can check out the full article on AllHipHop. So this dude was charged for robbing the former Sons Of Guns guy’s store Meaux Guns & Ammo, and since then he threatened Donald Trump and claimed ISIS ties.

Painful.  He must have an incredible lawyer, because he’s definitely not in jail… still just living it up on Instagram.

I actually just realized I’ve blogged about Maine Music before… in a Dec 2016 post I called Hood Rap With Gun Related Lyrics, where I embedded some real gems for your viewing pleasure.