PistolManiac100 Is Some Good Old Fashioned Training Entertainment

Emphasis on the “training”:

Oh wow, even this new intro doesn’t disappoint.  LOL

1:44 – I feel like taking cover behind trash cans is a metaphor for his content, on some deep level.

2:37 – “Mossin Naggit” presumably for “Mosin Nagant” LOL I’m deceased.

3:28 – “And you will feel the hurt… faced upon your… genitalia”.  If I were a DJ I’d sample that for a new club banger.

4:02 – 10/10 for his outros.  That’s the real him.

4:18 – One of my favorite PistolManiac-isms is when he says something grammatically incorrect and he does the smug laugh, and corrects himself.  As in like “hehehe I know a lot of you plebes wouldn’t have caught that, but I did… and I fixed it”

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